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Now that’s a green screen

Popped in to UWS TVS studios today, to see how our greenscreen shoot was going. Now that’s a greenscreen room – infinity curved walls, tungsten lights, Autocue setup!

And here’s the simple tips we provided to our talent before the shoot:

Tip 1. Don’t wear green! Avoid all green clothes and accessories.

Tip 2. No Patterns Please. Checked, tartan, fine pinstripes and all other fancy patterns do not work well as the pattern begins to flicker on camera and becomes very distracting.

Tip 3. Frizzy hair. It’s hard to “green screen” individual strands of hair! If you have unruly hair, please tie it up, or control with hairspray.

Tip 4. Avoid dresses if possible. We use lav microphones in our studio, so if you wear a dress we’ll have nowhere to secure the microphone pack to. We usually use a pocket or belt clip for this. If you do wear a dress then we may have to tape the unit to your back!

Tip 5. You are encourage to wear make up. Studio lights are harsh, so we encourage you to wear makeup. If you don’t we may offer some makeup (including men) to reduce shine/swear.

Tip 6. Avoid silver and gold jewellery. Some jewellery can be worn, but the lighting tends to reflect off silver and gold jewellery. This may be distracting for the viewer.

Tip 7. Avoid noisy clothes. By this we mean clothes with stiff fabrics that may “rustle” and cause problems with the lapel mic.

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